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Episode 123 Blue Plate Special with Herb Eckhouse

Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt Michael Friese of Edible Iowa River Valley and Christine Friese, interview La Quercia Prosciutto founder Herb Eckhouse.

Herb Eckhouse explains why Americans need to declare Ham Independence June 28 – July 4. The founder of La Quercia artisanal prosciutto and other cured meats. In Patnry Raid we talk about recipes using Spring into Summer produce: Radish Gazpacho with fish roe and a rice pudding with strawberries, cinnamon and rosemary.

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Episode 112 Blue Plate Special with Virginia Willis

Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt Michael Friese of Edible Iowa River Valley and Christine Friese, interview Chef Virginia Willis about her newest book “Basic to Brilliant, Y’all” by Ten Speed Press.

Today’s episode includes an interview with Virginia Willis, who studied at France’s Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne and has worked as a kitchen director (for the Martha Stewart Show), producer (of Epicurious on the Discovery Channel), and as a food stylist. Her new book, Basic to Brilliant, Y’all: 150 Refined Southern Recipes and Ways to Dress Them Up for Company, is the follow-up to her award-winning first book, Bon Appetit, Y’all.

Then we will hit the pantry for a Winter Pantry Raid.

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Episode 92 Blue Plate Special with Poppy Tooker

Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt Friese and Christine Friese talk to Poppy Tooker and a Pantry Raid about fish.

Poppy talks to us about the local ricecakes brought over from West Africa called “cala” as well as Louisiana seafood issues and outlook post-BP oil spill, the comeback problems for the oyster beds. They have a Lenten season Seafood CSA from the Crescent City Farmers Market.

In our Pantry Raid we talk about fish – sustainability and what we can do every day to get tasty seafood and help the future of the seas and why frozen can be more fresh than fresh seafood.

Listen to Poppy Tooker’s radio show “Poppy Eats!” on WNNO 89.9 FM in New Orleans.

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Episode 82 Blue Plate Special Mark Bittman

Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt Friese and Christine Friese talk to Mark Bittman. Pantry Raid: A Spring review of CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture): how they work, how to find one.

Until recently Mark Bittman was known as the writer behind the New York Times Dining Section column called The Minimalist. He now writes an Opinion column there where he continues to engage in the serious issues of the food world. He is known to perhaps an even wider audience for his book “How to Cook Everything,” which won the Julia Child general cookbook award, the James Beard general cookbook award, and pretty much every other cookbook award; His more recent book “Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating” was just as well received.


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Episode 75 Blue Plate Special: Deborah Krasner


Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt and Christine Friese talk to Deborah Krasner, winner of just about every award there is for culinary writing including a James Beard Award, an IACP award and a Gorrmand World Cookbook Award. Krasner discusses her new book Good Meat. We also discuss her culinary tours of Italy and Vermont.

Pantry Raid: How to make duck confit and cassoulet – time consuming but not difficult.

Related: read the Edible San Francisco review of Good Meat.

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Episode 73 Blue Plate Special with Dave Joachim


Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt and Christine Friese talk to Dave Joachim, author of 19 cookbooks, including A Man, a Can, a Plan, Mastering the Grill and the new edition of The Food Substitutions Bible. His approachable books take the intimidation out of cooking for those new to the kitchen or grill.

Dave’s suggests that substituting occurs when an ingredient is unavailable or when a cook wants to change a flavor. Substitutes for things like Agave syrup, sumac are among the harder to find, whereas a substitute for baking powder is good when one runs out of it.

Pantry Raid : How to start brewing beer at home.

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Episode 71 Blue Plate Special: James Peterson

Blue Plate Special hosts Kurt and Christine Friese talk to James Peterson about his new book Meat: A Kitchen Education.

Pantry Raid: and food for shut-ins of all sorts. What to bring when taking food to friends and family recovering from illness or childbirth, to seniors who need help preparing meals? How to make it easy, tasty and not too heavy.

James Peterson is the winner of six James Beard awards, a photographer, a chef and cooking instructor and his newest book is Meat: A Kitchen Education. In it he discusses techniques for cutting, preparing and cooking a variety of meats, encouraging a more critical tasting to recognize high quality meats. We talk about the ethical issues of meat eating and the proper method for cooking a terrific hamburger.

Do you ever struggle with what to take to people who are recovering: from surgery, childbirth or grief? Do you handle some food duties for seniors? There is a great website that can organize the volunteers so that not all the food arrives at once and so that the person’s tastes and health needs are clear. We talk about some ideas for healthy, light but tasty foods that are also portable and easy to prepare.

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